Should You Go Web?
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Should You Go Web?

If you have used traditional downloadable software for a while, chances are you already suffered its more popular disadvantages, so we do not need to explain them to you. Instead we will tell you which are the advantages of using web-based software.

Right from the start things are easier and cheaper, you do not need to install anything or to buy a server to run your application. Web-based software is ready for you to use it and the company offering the service makes sure the servers where your software runs have enough resources to provide a good performance. And you do not need to worry anymore about updates! The company offering the web-based application will always provide the most updated version of the application and they will make sure it works fine, so no need to schedule visits with technical support either!

Web-based companies count with very secure data centers so your information will be much safer than in a notebook you carry around or even the desktop computer at your office.

Also, because the data is stored in the web-based company server you can access it from any computer without even worrying about the Operating System. As long as you have a web browser you will be able to do your work!

By now you are probably asking yourself about the costs of web-applications, right? Web-applications are much cheaper than the traditional downloadable applications and they generally work better.

So the answer is yes, you should go web! Just make sure you find a reliable provider and get a good internet connection then you will be good to go.

Oh, one last advantage, web based applications are easier to try before you make your decision! Groobix, our web based application is available as free trial, to learn more about it, visit: Pricing & Free Trial
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